What are your website visitors doing?

In order to ensure your website is actually working, you need to monitor what your website visitors are doing on your site.

Are they looking at your blog posts? Are they reading the ‘About Us’ page? This is information that you should know, no matter what industry you’re in.

But we can go one step further than that.

Heat maps.

To make a website work really well, we need to know what your website visitors are doing when they land on an important page of your website. More importantly, what are they looking at and where are they clicking?

This is information that we can learn. Yes, we can learn where your website visitors are looking!

More often than not, when someone is looking at something on a website, they move their curser to that part of the page, so we can get a pretty good idea of what they’re looking at.

Hotjar. With this awesome tracking tool, we can create heatmaps, to show where your website traffic is looking and where they’re clicking.

Session Recording.

We can also record visitor sessions. We can literally watch them going through our website and we can watch where their curser goes.

For example, we can fine tune this a little more even, and we can just record the sessions of visitors that visit your Contact page. These are website visitors that are most likely to contact you, so we can learn what aspects of your website have inspired them to do such a thing. Then we can show those things to more of your website visitors.

What to do with this data?

If we find that your website traffic is clicking on a particular product or service, we should probably be doing more to direct them directly to that page. If we find that visitors are reading the ‘About Us’ section, we know that these visitors are really interested in knowing more about you and your business.

In Summary.

Knowledge is power, and the more we can learn about our website traffic, the better we can serve the, the more likely we are to win their trust and business.