Yes, we work remote.

Dori Media is run by me, Adam. I’m always on the road but work a full week from where ever I am. I find Airbnb apartments that have a great internet connection and I work for my clients from there. This has made me far more productive than ever, I don’t have interruptions from the phone or emails. I don’t have a fancy office to pay for and I don’t waste money on fancy, unnecessary things.

My team also work remote from their different parts of the world, the world is a small place now. 


Since 2010 I’ve been working with businesses, large and small, helping them attract new customers and grow their businesses online.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in New Zealand and some of the most interesting celebrities, but small to medium-sized businesses are where I’ve seen the best improvements from my work. 

My team have a huge amount of experience in their fields. Since 2010 I’ve worked with lots of contractors, and now I continue to work with the very best of them. 

About Me

I’ve been selling online for a long time. Sure, I dropped out of high school, but my experience has been my education.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Mid Canterbury, it’s safe to say, my father didn’t expect to see my working from a computer. Milking cows is just not my thing.

I’ve been selling physical products and digital downloads online since 2005.

Since then I’ve personally been selling all sorts of things online. I’ve literally sold millions of dollars worth of t-shirts and hoodies. I wrote an e-book in 2011 about building tricycles and sold thousands of copies of that. I’ve also built hundreds of websites for clients, and helped hundreds more with their online marketing.

The Team

I work with a few key people around the world. Over the years I’ve working with lots of contractors, and now I have the best team of helpful people to call on.

For a long time I’ve worked with contractors all around the world. Some in India, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Indonesia and even some in Australia. Having worked with so many, I’ve formed lifelong relationships with the best of them. 

I have a small team of customer rockstars in the Philippines, the most talented code hacker I’ve ever come across in Ukraine and a graphic designer in Canada. 

Our websites hosting servers are monitored by myself and two other guys, one in Indonesia and one in New Zealand.