Are the Images Slow to Load on your Website?

There are lots of reasons your images need to load fast on your WordPress website. For one, Google knows how long it takes to open a website, and it would much rather send traffic to a website that loads fast. Speeding up your website is always better for SEO.

Images are almost always the component that slows WordPress websites down the most, and it’s easily solved.

The good team at WPMUdev had mastered the art of speeding up website load time, and their Smush Image Compression and Optimization is going to speed up your website. Upload that to your website, run the ‘smusher’ and see if that helps.

Still Slow?

If this hasn’t solved your website loadtime issues, it might be time to look at a new WordPress website hosting, or using a content delivery network (CDN), but there are dozens of reasons your website might be running slow.

Need Help?

I’m always happy to help speed up your website, CONTACT ME, I’d love to help!