E-Commerce. It's what we do.

We help businesses with clever online marketing for E-Commerce.

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What we do

  • Attract More Customers

    Getting people to your website is easy, but attracting people who are likely to spend money can be more complicated. That's what we do.

  • "Hey, Add to Cart!"

    Wouldn't it be great if you could tell people to add to cart? You can't, but we have lots of tricks to encourage people to Add to Cart.

  • Let's see what WORKS

    Some things on your website will work, some wont. With analytics, we'll discover out what's working and we'll make it work better.


Do we build websites?

Yes we do, we build fantastic websites with Wordpress and Shopify. A successful E-Commerce can't operate without a GREAT website, so we have become really good at building beautiful websites that get results.

We are Shopify Partners and we have been building Wordpress websites for over 10 years. 

Can we help with E-Mail Marketing or Social Media Marketing?

Absolutely! In most industries, these are essential tools to help you reach your new and existing customers. We've helped hundreds of businesses with their Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, E-Mail Marketing and much more.

Note: We take an overall approach to any work that we do. What that means is basically we don't work with clients if the work that we are doing doesn't have a positive impact on your business. 

Where are we based?

That's a great question! We're based from our laptops, and our laptops move around the world. Some specialists on the Dori Media team are based in Ukraine, some in USA, some in the Philippines and some in New Zealand and Australia. 

Dori Media is owned by me, Adam Crouchley. I'm a full time traveller who works remote from my laptop and I'm always available on Skype and my mobile phone. I have an amazing team of experts based in every corner of the world, which means we can work around the clock and get your project off the ground.

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Online Chat - 40 hours per week

Online Chat - 40 hours per week

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Monthly SEO Management

Monthly SEO Management

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