Growing an Email Database the Easy Way

An engaged email database makes a huge difference to your online marketing success. Targeted and engaged email subscribers are far more likely to share your content, buy your products or hire your services. Growing that email database can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.

There are lots of ways to grow your database. You can have a link to a signup form in your email footer, or you can email people and ask them to join your mailing list. But those methods are hard work, right?

Here’s a quick and easy method to build an email database that is bound to spend money with you…

1. Find your Potential Customers

Who are they, where are they, and more importantly, what questions do they have that relate to your product or service? Once we understand who your customers are, then we can create some content for them.

Example: If you have a lawn mowing business, then you’re customers are likely to be within your town or city. They’re likely to be aged 40+, or maybe 60+, and they are likely to really care about having a good looking lawn.

2. What Content is going to HELP them?

This is easy: What are your customers truly interested in? Do they want the right sized heatpump for their house? Or the T-shirts that are the best fit for their sports team?  Once we know their ideal outcome, we can create the answer for them.

Example: For our lawn mowing business, the customer might be interested in how to get the best looking lawn, maybe they want a greener, thicker lawn than their neighbor.

3. How can we put that into a helpful, DOWNLOADABLE document?

The key here is ‘Downloadable’. We’re going to create a really simple document that your website visitors are likely to download to find the answers.

Example: Again, for our lawn mowing business, maybe this document explaining how to get a greener, thicker lawn. 

4. Swap their Email Address for the Document

When your website traffic arrives at your website, they’re going to see a banner across the bottom or top of your website, or one of those corner popups. It’s going to promote the doc that you’ve made, and ask for their email address in exchange.

Example: “Download ‘How to grow a thick green lawn in 60 days’, download here”. 

5. Attract the RIGHT Visitors to your Website

With Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can target who to attract to your website. You can target your Ads to a certain location and age group, you can even put ads in front of people who are interested in a certain topic. It’s pretty neat, and REALLY effective.

Why this works so well

The people that are downloading this document, they’re likely to hire you to do the work. They’ve already come to your website, so you know they’re at least slightly interested in what it is that you do. Now you can regularly send them helpful emails. Yusss!