Job Number 1.

We research your market.

We’ll research who your competitors are, how they’re finding their clients and how we can do better.

We’ll also learn about your existing clients: how they found you, why they chose to work with you and what could be done better.

We’ll look at how your potential customers find your competitor’s websites and how they engage with those businesses.

Job Number 2.

We whip your website into shape.

Maybe it’s already great, but maybe it needs some work.  Or maybe you need a completely new website, we can help, whatever the situation.

A great website is essential because you only get one shot at a first impression. There is a great saying that we love: “How you do anything is how you do everything”, and it’s so true for websites.  If your website is cluttered, dated or ugly, your clients are going to assume that you are the same.  If your website is modern, easy to understand and really helpful, your website visitors are going to assume that you are the same.  “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

We’ll help you with great written content and professional photos for your website, too, because they’re really important when you’re wanting to reach new customers.

Job Number 3.

We attract quality traffic.

Picture this: You are a builder in Christchurch, focusing on new builds. You’re looking to help families into their new homes.  You know there are lots of people buying new homes, they’re busy researching their options and getting quotes from the more ‘well known’ companies.

But why are they not calling you for a quote?  They aren’t calling you because they’re not finding you online.  Then they do a Google search, your website is not in the list of search results. That’s not ideal.

We create content and/or ads to answer your potential customer’s questions. If someone searches for ‘Christchurch new home builders’, you need to appear on that page.

That’s Job Number 3.

Job Number 4.

Analyse. Improve. Repeat.

Our 4th job is all about analysis.  Learning what marketing techniques are performing better than others, watching how people use your website and working out how we can help them better.

This phase is ongoing. It’s all about tweaking and improving over time. Improving your ads and your website to attract more website visitors and convert a higher percentage of those into paying clients.

Job Number 4 is all about increasing the return on your investment. 

Once we have the formula right, we give you a clear ROI figure, so you know what to expect when you increase your marketing spend.  

Job Number 4 is where the magic happens.

This is where your investment all starts to pay off, but without doing the first 3 steps properly, step number 4 won’t work.