About Us

Low Cost, Highly Efficient.

We don't have an office. We don't have a water cooler and we don't even wear fancy shirts each day. Instead, we work for our clients remote. Meetings are done via Skype, files are sent on Dropbox and conversations are had over the phone.

This is far more efficient, meaning we can get more done in less time, at a lower cost.

It's 2018, time-consuming meetings are not necessary, let's just sell your products.

About Us.

We've been selling online since 2005 when we started selling physical and digital products.

Since then, we've helped some of the best and biggest companies in New Zealand with their online marketing. 

We're Shopify Partners, which simply means, we know Shopify really well. 

Where is Dori Media based?

We're based from our laptops, and our laptops move around the world. Some specialists on the Dori Media team are based in Ukraine, some in USA, some in the Philippines and some in New Zealand and Australia. 

We have an amazing team of marketing experts based in every corner of the world, which means we can work around the clock and get your project off the ground.

It's 2018, and hiring remote staff is a thing of the future. Are you interested in hiring remote staff for your time? We'll show you how. Contact Us!